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  • Covid-19

  • Covid-19

    Due to the ongoing Pandemic (Covid-19) we have made the decision to "not" have any sit down appointments until further notice.  Your safety, and that of my staff, is our number one priority during these unprecedented times.  Our offices are still open and fully functioning, we will be preparing all tax returns as we normaly do.  We will just be gathering the information in a different way.  To submit your tax information to us, please do one of the following:

    1.  Postal mail your documents to us at:  PO Box 60, Oakham, MA 01068

    2.  Drop off your documents at the office your normally go to during our normal business hours. Oakham has a drop off box outside the front door if your leave your items before or after office hours.  

    3.  You can email your documents to me via sharefile, our secure data sharing email service.  You would need to provide us with your email address, or email Bruce at: to request that I send you an email from sharefile to attach your documentation.

    4.  My secure website portal (bottom right of my website).  Provide me with your email address, or email me to request a portal login.  Then I will email you the portal request and directions on how to create a login portal to exchange documents.

    Call our main office at 508-882-3394 for tax season office hours at each location.

    A member of our staff will contact you when the tax returns are completed, and we will arrange to provide them to your through postal mail, email or a quick office pickup.  

    If you stop at an office, a mask will be required.  Please don't come if you are ill, have a fever, or have been exposed to someone with the virus.

    We have checklists and organizers to help you gather the required information under the following tabs on the website:

    Resources/Tax Center/Organizers, checklists, worksheets.

    We appreciate your understanding during these difficult times.  We hope that by doing our part to minimize interactons with people outside of our homes the pamdemic will soon come to an end.

    Bruce Coffin, C.P.A.


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